Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Note to China

Just wanted to publicly tell all those who might be lending the U.S. money--I'm not paying the bill.  There is no more income and we cannot afford to pay any more debt.  The people in DC are signing on the dotted line to borrow money that I cannot pay back; debt that I do not intend to honor.  Just saying.

Congress thinks this country is wealthy and that in the long run it will all take care of itself as it always has in the past...after all they are just talking numbers.  They have no comprehension of the meaning of the numbers.  They authorize the printing of new 100 dollar bills, but what makes those pieces of paper worth anything?  The industriousness of the American people have always put the value behind that paper (after being taken off gold as the standard).  But the American people are losing jobs, losing their resources-still the government takes a majority of their fruits.  American industriousness is being quickly used up.

They are borrowing against the future golden eggs, but killing the goose that lays 'em.

I see my country going down in flames.  The strong, the ingenious and the crooks will all survive, even thrive; the rest will perish.

Interesting how this statistic comes out at the same time..."Washington D.C. Adults are Nation’s Top Drug and Alcohol Abusers."  Seems they have too much money and overindulge in hedonistic pleasures.